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Your Role

Your partner has just had a new baby, or your sister, your daughter, your friend. That means your role is changing. It's hard for the new mom to adjust to all the changes in her role, it can be difficult for you, too. The most important thing to remember is to help and support her in whatever way she needs it most. Mom needs to know that you are still there for her and that you still care for her.

Here are some things that new mothers find helpful.

Watch the baby while mom has a nap
Entertain the baby while mom is in the shower
Play with the older children or take them out
Limit the visitors or look after them when they come
Clean up or do things around the house
Do the laundry
Get the groceries
Make meals and bring them to mom
Sit with her and listen to her
If you are at work or away from home call her and ask how she is doing

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